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Processing of wet tissue paper tissue processing project selection, deep industry benefit you my
Processing of wet tissue paper
[Province:, China]keywords: and process process
  Shanghai Lanshen Paper Co., paper towels to outward processing of wet tissue paper processing combined. Enterprise web site: manager Li 13818144058 Blue deep paper gold enterprises throughout the country to provide free investment cooperation factories, production equipment and raw materials, product pr ...more »
Suzhou special paper wholesale Suzhou Feng Xuan paper Suzhou
Suzhou special paper wholesale
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Product introduction materials, gifts, office supplies and printing technology development in the field of. Professional printing: brochures, advertising paper, paper bags, paper boxes, desk calendar, calendars, notebooks, stickers, laser anti-counterfeit labels, paper, clothing tag, label, plastic bags, food packaging bags, hi ...more »
Adhesive products special paper tray
Adhesive products special pape
[Province:, China]keywords: isolati release
Silicone: common with methyl silicone oil, benzene, methyl silicone oil, methyl hydrogen silicone oil, silicone oil diffusion pump etc.. The density and the price is not clear. Base paper or paper, used to further processed into all kinds of paper processing, quality with the processing requirements. For example, printing coati ...more »
[Province:, China]keywords: company silicon
Coated paper is the plastic particles by tape casting machine coating material on the surface of the paper, the main characteristics is the composite material can be oil proof, waterproof (relative), can be heat. Use: 1). Chemical industry: desiccant, antistaling agent. 2). The food: tea packaging, melon seeds bag, bread bags ...more »
Dongguan City, Guangdong elect
[Province:, China]keywords:
Manufacturers selling Dongguan city electric steaming cabinet, Dongguan city electric steaming cabinet prices Dongguan Fuchu heat energy equipment Co. Ltd is a professional design, large and small enterprises production, supporting all types of kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances, energy-s ...more »
Environmental protection honeycomb cushioning material
Environmental protection honey
[Province:, China]keywords:
Product introduction environmental protection honeycomb cushioning material is a new generation of cushion packaging material, made of, made of high strength paper honeycomb core bond paper light quality, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, low price, the buffer performance, can replace the white foam (Bao Lilong) an ...more »
Fushun electrostatic floor Fus
[Province:, China]keywords:
Fushun Shenfei floor, Fushun Shenfei electrostatic floor, Fushun Shenyang Shenfei electrostatic floor Sales Hotline: 024-31676876 contact: Shen Fei Mobile phone: 13555885045 Shenfei electrostatic floor in the authoritative website static flooring ranks the first product introduction, Shenyang flooring all with independent int ...more »
Audio tape cabinet / audio tap
[Province: Henan , China]keywords:
Audio tape cabinet / audio tape cabinet manufacturers / audio tape cabinet price, audio tape cabinet, Yanshi Jincai office furniture and equipment factory Audio tape cabinet / audio tape cabinet manufacturers / audio tape cabinet prices Yanshi Jincai office furniture and equipment factory Yanshi Jincai office furniture and equ ...more »
Folding machine
Folding machine
[Province:, China]keywords: spot ca
Model ROX-400/2 air suction type folding machine Schematic diagram of folding method: Performance characteristics: Five fold, single double line indentation, the oil free vacuum pump, suction feeding, feed block under the back fence around adjust, the rules above and below the fine-tuning, double sheet control, OMRON electric ...more »


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