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Turtles, turtles, turtles wholesale price of several
Turtles, turtles, turtles whol
[Province:, China]keywords: Ocadia Ocadia Ocadia
Ocadia sinensis · Brazil turtle turtle, · · alligator turtle · pig nosed turtle Testudo · · Burma; stone turtle, · olecranon turtle Geochelone · · map turtle turtle · · flame; map turtle Mauremys mutica & · middot; stone money · Trachemys &m ...more »
There is a hope that monensin had a gap after the trial that
There is a hope that monensin
[Province:, China]keywords: cattle farm Xu Jiuh
  a fattening agent called monensin   Monensin can improve the feed utilization rate and conversion rate: cleaning gastrointestinal mucosa, gastrointestinal wall thickness thinning, improve feed digestion and absorption rate; at the same time, rumen peptide can promote the decomposition of carbohydrate in feed, non p ...more »
Hebei greenhouse micro spray - micro sprinkler price
Hebei greenhouse micro spray -
[Province:, China]keywords: greenho fruit m vegetab
Micro sprinkler QQ:2622171778    The micro nozzle is a water (or fertilizers and pesticides) transported to the pipe end and then to spray on plastic irrigation for the crops were irrigated by irrigation pipe network. The characteristics of micro nozzle: 1, micro sprinklers stabilization, 360 full circle spraying, ...more »
The supply of Shandong strawberry seedlings for four seasons
The supply of Shandong strawbe
[Province:, China]keywords:
Tai'an high tech Zone Xingheng horticultural field There are four red strawberry varieties. Ming Bao, Dana, Bao secret treasure, pay, an Israeli No. two, six, thirteen, and Gorrera, the Hani, ruby, general of the army, the prince of strawberry, red roses, sweet Charlie, Feng Xiang, Xingxiang, Japan 99, the new star, red beauty, ...more »
Agent acquisition nectarine ap
[Province:, China]keywords:
Yongxiang fruit grower cooperatives collection to buy Fuji Apple nectarine pear grape jujube fruits, while providing cheap packaging storage materials and transport trucks; invites parties to cooperate! Who come to my base acquisition of fruit and vegetable merchants will be provided free accommodation and all the facilities, to ...more »
Shek Pai town to do a website
[Province:, China]keywords:
Shek Pai town do find [three line network _ Dongguan website,, ¥ affordable website hotline: 15915767698] enterprise application website in ...more »
Shandong excellent confidante strawberry seedlings professional training base
Shandong excellent confidante
[Province:, China]keywords:
Shandong excellent confidante strawberry seedlings professional training base, Tai'an Xing Heng Development Zone of Shandong Tai'an Xing Heng horticulture field, 15866016228 Yang manager, web site Confidante strawberry seedlings also called red cheek, Shizuoka, Japan is in Chapter Ji and Xingxiang bred ea ...more »
Jiangsu goose seedling price
Jiangsu goose seedling price
[Province:, China]keywords: of Jian
Suqian ecological goosern ...more »
Wuxi goose seedling price
Wuxi goose seedling price
[Province:, China]keywords: of Wuxi
Suqian ecological goosern ...more »


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