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Terms of Use for member

1. Terms of Use for

Sales ( ) based on the business,providing customers with a full range of services.
Sales ( ) the ownership and operation of the electronic services is vested in Sales.
The services provided will by Sales ( ) based on the release of the Terms of Service and operating rules strictly enforced. You can become a full member of Sales ( ) if you are fully agreed to the terms and completing the registration process.

2. General Conditions

Sales ( ) to its own operating system, to provide Internet services to members through the internet. Therefore, the member shall meet the following conditions:
(1) equipped with internet access to needed equipment, including a computer, a modem or other necessary Internet device.
(2) expenses borne online pay telephone charges, and the service related to the enterprise network.

3. Conditions of Service

Based on Commercial and timeliness of network services provided by Sales ( ):
(1) You are solely responsible for Authenticity , accuracy for information published and you should provide detailed, true, accurate corporate information. Untrue and ambiguous information can't be published. The information that misleading, malicious, false and the law does not allow are absolutely forbidden.
(2) Update the registration information at any time to comply with timely, detailed and accurate requirements.
(3) As a Registered User, your Registration Information, Publishing Information and Payment Information (if any) can be viewed and edited through your Account which is protected by Password. We recommend that you do not divulge your Password to anyone.
(4) If you find any released inaccurate information or the occurrence of errors, and other wrongdoing, you shall promptly notify the webmaster. If the problem can not be solved in time, into the hundred complaints procedure.
(5) Sales ( edit product information to the members, the preparation and dissemination of copyright and intellectual property, all own to Sales ( ); without the Sales ( ) prior written consent, a person shall not be copied in various forms, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast, broadcast the product information.
(6) The members authorized hundred publicly released and free use of all the information provided; members liable for registration and release all of the information.
(7) If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or FOCUS has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, FOCUS reserves the right at its sole discretion to suspend or terminate your Service without any prior notice to you.
(8) If we have reason to believe that a User is in breach of the Terms of Use or any other agreement with us, then we reserve the right to make public or otherwise disclose such User's Collected Information in order to pursue our claim or prevent further injury to sales or others.

4. Registration Obligations and rights

All the acts of the members must comply with the provisions of national law. Please read the relevant provisions of the Trading Notes carefully.
You must assume all responsibilities independently, if your behavior go against with national laws and this agreement, and lead to any disputes and adverse outcomes. You can criticize and make suggestions for the service of sales at any time.

5. Other

(1)The membership system includes sub-free members and paid members only. Member upon registration shall enjoy the corresponding rights.
(2)Once you become a member of this site will have a password and member name. The password can be changed, the member name is unique, members must take full responsibility for the safety of their own member name and password.
(3)The site has the right to cancel registration information is untrue, incomplete user and delete untrue, incomplete information or the information that has nothing to do with the site.
(4) This site has the right to terminate this Agreement with or without notice to the premise, the right to refuse to provide or continue to provide any services to any member. This site reserves the right to modify the network rules and the scope of services, the above rights are having to give reasons.The site also reserves the right to amend this Agreement, the amendment of this Agreement will be published online, if you have no objection to the agreement timely, it shows that you agree with the new agreement.
(5) Case of force majeure, resulting in data loss, please be understanding and support!
(6) Explanation and modification of these terms and conditions is vested in the Sales ( ).


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